Sinus Augmentation

Sinus Augmentation or "Lift

In some cases, the position of the sinus may prevent proper placement of dental implants.

A simple procedure allows the sinus floor to be repositioned higher, creating enough space to properly place an implant. Grafting materials are used to encourage your bone to grow more quickly for an opportunity to have an implant and restore function. In time, your own bone regenerates into the area. This is commonly called a "sinus lift", but actuality we are only lifting a sinus lining to replace missing bone.

Under certain conditions, an even simpler procedure can be utilized. When possible, the bone remaining over the tooth or under the sinus floor is gently “pushed up”, thus lifting the floor of the “dropped” sinus. Bone replacement materials are then placed beneath this lifted bone. Once again the bone materials are replaced as your body grows new bone into this area. This is termed a sinus "lift",


Sinus augmentation procedures have one of the highest success rates in all of dentistry, approaching a 95% success rate. Following sufficient healing (6 months), implants are placed in a predictable and successful manner. It is important to realize that if the sinus augmentation procedure does not result in enough bone for implant placement, additional bone may be

regenerated through a second sinus augmentation procedure at the time of implant placement.

This procedure is a common dental procedure. You can have it completed in our office. In most cases, sedation is not required.

Sinus augmentation allows you to replace multiple teeth, restoring function and improving the quality of life for many.

If you are having issues with chewing without a full set of teeth or have an ill fitting denture or partial, please call our office at 601.693.3200 to see how this procedure could help improve your own quality of life!


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