Kodak 9000 3D Code Beam Scanner

Low dose radiation...instant images displayed on a large screen monitor.....no waiting for x-rays to be developed in the darkroom...

We are SO excited to now have the new KODAK 9000 3D cone beam CT scanner in our office !!!!!

Now we can take superior 3D images your jawbone right here in our office! This incredible low-dose imaging reduces patient exposure by 80% over traditional film. With our new aquisition, we have the ability to limit 3D localized views for implant planning purposes and enhanced patient safety.

Sharp panoramic images provide a global view of the jawbone profile and compliment the 3D view of precise tooth detail, vital surgical landmarks and bone density for accurate diagnosis. This technology seemlessly integrates into our SIMPLANT software used in creating stereolithic implant surgical guides. Additionally, 3D detail of the tempromandibular joint (TMJ) can be imaged as well as landmarks for orthodontic temporary anchorage devices.

This technology also integrates smoothly into our KODAK practice management software for easy access in every operatory. With a 32 " TV monitor for instant viewing, Dr. Woods can now review your xrays, pictures and treatment options along with you "on the big screen". Detail can be printed out for you to take home.

Please call 601.693.3200 and come see what's new to Meridian. Find out just how this contemporary technology can help improve your smile!

Enhance your smile...Change your life!

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