SIMPLANT 3-D Implant Planning

We replace guessing...revolutionary technology!

Planning for something to last decades requires the best technical skills and an accurate diagnosis. Our cutting edge 3D software technology allows Dr. Woods to evaluate your jawbone from every angle on a computer model and preplan implant procedures with millimeter accuracy. Prior to actual surgery, he can actually see through your jawbone which has many benefits:

  • Preview the planned restoration
  • Plan exact implant position
  • Shorten surgery time
  • Determine bone quality, volume, density
  • Evaluate sinus anatomy
  • Identify important surgical boundaries
  • Accurately predict bone grafting procedures required
  • Fabricate CAD-CAM guides for computer-guided surgery
  • Once your implants are planned, a customized surgical guide can be made to insure precise transfer for optimal results. Fabricated in Belguim, these stereolithic guides are designed using the highest standards in the CAD-CAM dental industry and have received world-wide recognition. Once received, they are tried in for proper fit and chemically sterilized prior to dental surgery.

    Welcome to 21st century contemporary implant dentistry!

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